Alan Coulthard – Independent Candidate for Vale of Glamorgan and South Wales Central (Senedd Election, May 2021)

‘’Are you tired of the left and the right? I will fight tirelessly for the people of Vale of Glamorgan and South Wales Central, without party allegiance and restrictions, using my skills as a London Barrister and Educator and my Political Awareness.”

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About Alan Coulthard

Barrister, Alan Coulthard, is entering politics for the first time at the Senedd election. A 58 year old man, and the founder of a charity, Living Without Prejudice, Alan has raised money and/or awareness in relation to a number of equality issues, including women’s rights, mental health issues in relation to young people,
LGBT+ rights and issues relating to ethnic minorities. Alan is also an educator, having taught undergraduate and postgraduate law students for over 20 years in London, Bristol and Cardiff.

Alan was educated in comprehensive schools in Barry and is not from a privileged background. However, he worked very hard to obtain a first class honours in law from University College, London in 1984 and he completed a postgraduate law degree in 1986 at Oxford, being a peer of the current Prime Minister and one of his predecessors. Alan then went to London to study successfully for the Bar and was ‘Called to the
Bar’ in 1987..

Subsequently, Alan worked as a Commercial and Entertainment Lawyer at Clifford Chance, the UK’s leading firm of solicitors, and as a Barrister in independent practice, having ‘climbed the mountain’ of obtaining a tenancy. He was part of the Patent/Intellectual Property Bar, an area of practice where the interface between Law, Science and Technology is important. He is, therefore, well able to interact with scientific and medical professionals, which will be useful as we progress through a global pandemic. Alan is also fully familiar with the complex
Coronavirus Legislation and Guidance, having informally advised on these issues.

Alan remains a ‘man of the people’. Having become increasingly more frustrated with the direction of the Labour Party, for whom he voted in 2019, Alan recently joined the Green Party, and he fully supports Green issues such as climate change, protecting the environment and protecting animals, but his views extend far beyond those issues. Alan is also a Unionist, and he is fully committed to the preservation of the United Kingdom. He also believes the Royal Family is an asset to the UK, although he believes that there may be a justification for financial savings in relation to the Royal Family. Above all, Alan believes that honest and integrity should be important to a politician, and he believes that politicians should give evidence ‘on oath’ more frequently, so as to restore public confidence in politicians.

Alan's Pledges

1  Vale of Glamorgan Matters

Alan lived over 40 years of his life in Barry and he went to school there (St Helens infants and junior school, as they were called then) and subsequently to St. Cadocs Comprehensive (now St. Richard Gwyn Comprehensive) and to Barry Boys’ Comprehensive for his ‘A Levels’. He was talented at sports, having been invited to join the Welsh tennis squad at aged 11 and having had a very successful table tennis career as a cadet (under-14) and junior. He also represented Barry in tournaments against their European ‘twin towns’, Fecamp, Mouscron and Rheinfelden, as well as representing Glamorgan. He also regularly recorded music at a studio in Llantwit Major. Alan’s father, Terry Coulthard, is also well known in Barry, having been the headmaster at St Helens and having taught at St Cadocs, and Alan’s late mother, Pat Coulthard, taught at Cadoxton junior school and at St Cadocs. Alan lives near the Senedd in Cardiff Bay but still visits Barry regularly to visit his father and to attend his slimming group, ‘Slimming in Barry’. Alan is, therefore, fully committed to representing the interests of all constituents in the Vale, and he plans to commence regular facebook and instagram ‘live’ sessions dealing with a variety of local and national issues, including Covid, of course. And he undertakes NOT to simply ask his constituents to ‘look at the Regulations’, which is the usual response of politicians who are not lawyers

2  South Wales Central Matters

In addition to his links with Vale of Glamorgan, Alan has strong links with Cardiff and the Valleys. Alan lives in the Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency and he used to teach law at Cardiff University. Alan has also taught law at the University of South Wales in Treforest, near Pontypridd

3  Education Matters

Alan regards education as being very important, in particular, mental health issues relating to children and young adults, but he believes that ‘education’ is important for everyone, of whatever age

4  Health Matters

Covid is obviously Alan’s prime concern, but he is also concerned with the health issues which have been neglected over the past year, in particular, mental health

5  Women's Issues Matter

Alan is an ally for women's rights and he is particularly concerned about the protection of women and children due to an abusive relationship and their protection outside the household. He regards the Government position on Clapham and on hate crime to be flawed. He has raised money for single parents' wellbeing and he also believes women should receive equal pay for equal work. He is a great admirer of women achievers, who often have to face very difficult obstacles in their way.

6  Equality Matters

Including ‘race issues’ and other issues pertaining to minorities. Alan speaks Spanish and has many friends in Spain and South America, and he has practical experience of race issues in that context. Alan is also concerned with other equality issues such as equal pay and reverse discrimination (favouritism), issues which affect everyone..

7  No aid – no trade

Alan aims to look closely at to whom we give aid, in particularly in relation to the vaccines, and to consider issues such as whether there will be sufficient refrigeration to keep the vaccine usable, and whether the aid has to pass through foreign governments, where there is a
danger of the aid being abused. The issue of trade with those to whom we give aid should also be considered, with contracts possibly being entered into with foreign governments to provide aid, in return for them trading with the UK.

E Q U A L I T Y   M A T T E R S

Alan Coulthard away from politics

Alan was formally in a 9 year civil partnership and he is now in a committed 4 year relationship with a Welshman. Alan is currently not working and only has a small pension, so he fully appreciates the issues relating to those on low incomes.
Alan is, at present, most well known as a DJ (disc-jockey) and remixer, having invented the ‘Megamix’ (now called ‘Mashup’) about 40 years ago when he was only 18. He also wrote articles for a national music magazine called ‘Record Mirror’ from the age of 17, and those contemporaries of Alan in the Upper-Sixth at Barry Boys’ may remember this! He was also the first mixer for DMC (Disco Mix Club), an organisation which has been highly influential in the development of dance music and in the concept of the ‘superstar DJ’. Sometimes using the stage name ‘The Judge’, Alan has completed mixes for luminaries such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin, in addition to many others. He has been commissioned by famous executives such as Simon Cowell and Pete Tong.

Alan’s Michael Jackson Megamix reached number 1 in the pop charts in 1995 as the B-side of ‘Earth Song’ and he remixed Whitney Houston’s ‘Someone for Me’, which was released in 1985. His biggest UK hit was Amii Stewart ‘Knock on Wood’ remix, which reached number 7 in the pop charts in 1985. More recently, he was the executive producer of Living Without Prejudice ‘Stronger Together’, raising money for human rights abuses in Chechnya, which reached number 1 on an I-tunes album chart in 2017. Subsequently, Alan was invited to attend an important conference about Chechnya in Brussels, and spoke at the conference about the charity record. Alan still works with many Welsh artists and he has also started a youtube channel, A-CAP TV, which houses interviews with DJ legends and music legends. He has also started political interviews and discussions with non-politicians called ‘Ordinary Politics’.

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